It won’t take you long to discover that I am incredibly outgoing and love to laugh…laughter heals the soul. I am a sensitive person who feels things deeply. I have a great love for my family. I like challenging my mind to think outside of the box “cliché”, I know. I love watching scary movies with my man, chocolate dipped cones, getting dolled up, decorating, shopping and more decorating.

 I thrive in nature and have a natural affinity for trees especially those that blossom in Spring. I often view life as the frame of a picture, always feeling a need to change and manipulate what is inside the frame, to make it exciting. Artistic people have this intangible part of themselves that must be expressed, and I choose to do it through the lens of a camera.

i've binge-watched Stranger things and have more plants than the average human.

owner & Photographer

Meet Emilia, my partner in crime... my super funny, smart and crazy artistic sidekick! Trust me, a match made in heaven some might say, but honestly this girl is the best partner a woman could ask for. I am so thankful our paths crossed a couple years ago and she has been along for the ride ever since. She also teaches music, plays nine different instruments (her favourite being the trombone), models and is obsessed with "anime" like I am about decorating. 

She will be with me for your wedding day and will have you laughing endlessly. She also happens to be really good at putting on the boutonniere! We can't wait to document your special day!

Katie & Emilia

addicted to 'anime' and rice all day every day please.

"my sidekick"

I have an endless amount of indoor plants but I am also obsessed with flowers, especially cherry blossoms. Want to go and play in a field of flowers?!?!

"I would live at the beach 24/7 if I could, soaking up every inch of daylight. Is it summer yet???"

Meet my rock, Jesse. He is the adventure junkie in the relationship and is the one who is always getting me out of my comfort zone... where to next babe?

Meet my children and my world. Dayton is nine going on twenty and our littlest Jaya will be four in a couple months... where does the time go?!?!