February 2, 2018


I met Natasha quite some time ago through some mutual friends and loved her! I later reached out to see if she would be willing to do a themed dance inspired shoot with me as she is a very talented dancer, which was AMAZING!!! So when she reached out to me to photograph her and Derek’s special day I was ecstatic!

It began at the Sandman hotel down on Davie Street, all the ladies including Tasha’s mom, Derek’s mom and her 5 gorgeous bridesmaids getting ready. Her very talented friend it turns out is a makeup artist and dancer just like Tasha! It was obvious to me that they all new each other because they were having so much fun. After her hair and makeup were done and she put on her gown, all I can say is she looked beyond breathtaking!


As I headed to the boys hotel room, I found myself on the penthouse floor…wrong floor of course! When I finally made it to the groom and his groomsmen they were just getting on their shirts and working out who would do up their ties. Side note…I need to learn how to do ties and boutonnieres. Don’t they all look so handsome…


The ceremony took place at Queen Elizabeth Park and it was the perfect location with the gorgeous park to use as a backdrop after. The flower girls were adorable of course and the two boys made everyone laugh uncontrollably! The ceremony itself was perfect, both Natasha and Derek shared some beautiful words and that kiss!!!


After Queen Elizabeth park we headed off to Granville Island, which is most definitely one of my new favourite places to take pictures at night! WOW who would have thought I would love night photography so very much. The colourful walls, the sparkling lights, a couple just married…it can’t get any better than this! The rain just held off long enough for us to stay dry and get some really great shots.

People often ask me what my favourite part of a wedding is, this would be my favourite part. After the ceremony when I get to capture just the bride and groom for the first time as husband and wife.

When I first saw the reception hall I think my jaw hit the floor, literally! I was speechless which doesn’t happen very often. From floor to ceiling you felt like you were in a winter dream, long hanging sparkling beads, glass centrepieces with candles and hanging clear crystals wrapped in white and green florals, wrapped white lights, white roses, accent blues and massive bay windows reflecting everything, it was so incredibly pretty.


Makeup: Sarah Keen

Hair: Jaclyn Later

Dress: EddyK Bridal purchased at Lisa’s Bridal

Decor & Floral: Justyne Seckler

Getting Ready Venue: Sandman Suites Vancouver, Davie Steet

Ceremony Venue: Celebration Pavilion at Queen Elizabeth Park

Reception Venue: Waterview Events Centre, Vancouver


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